Oliver Wyman Affiliate Onboarding site


Develop an on-boarding tool to help newly hired affiliate consultants get a sense of the organization's structure and processes.


The contractors are traveling all over the world to participate in various executive leadership training seminars with Oliver Wyman, so I wanted to play off the idea of a jet-setting lifestyle by bringing in a retro secret-agent feel to the site. The idea is that the company is providing the consultants all the many tools they need to complete their mission—should they choose to accept it.



To make the site approachable and easy-to-use, I developed multiple ways to navigate through the site, accompanied with simple infographics,  videos interviewing current affiliates, and games. This way, different types of learners would have different ways to absorb all the content.

The site was initially provided on mini-disc to a group of consultants to heighten the special secret-agent feel and make it easy to use on a plane en route to sessions.



Feedback was positive, consultants asked for similar tools for use with their programs. 

The site was used as a marketing tool for the creative team within the organization, and our design team won work with the larger organization, including contributing to a larger rebranding initiative co-led by our art director in Portland and a Production Manager in Munich, because of our understanding of consultant needs.