Atheist Boys Club Illustration for bitch magazine


Develop spot illustrations for "New Atheism and the Old Boys Club," a short feature about the Atheist movement in pop culture and how the mainstream voices of the movement, mostly white men, have overshadowed much of the strong work being done by female Atheists.


The article mentions three of the more prominent male figures within Atheism and it felt appropriate to show them as a three-headed robot monster that is loud and in your face.


A smaller spot illustration shows a prominent female Atheist thinker in the margins, looking on with skepticism.


This direction was chosen not only for the fun factor—there was a lot of love for the detail in the robot—but for the idea that the robot left little room for diversity of thought within the movement, which was one of the salient points of the article. 

The article was chosen to be featured online, and the web editor has asked to use the illustration again for subsequent related updates.