Stock Pot Farm identity

I recently completed an identity project with my partner for a local farm here in Oregon called Stock Pot Farm. The client needed an identity that would have a hand-done or tactile feel to speak to the down-to-earth nature of the farm while highlighting the premium, hand-picked, local goods the small farm provides. The identity needed to feel approachable but reflect high quality and natural goodness, while having a subtle reference to the hearty vegetables the farm would initially grow.

The logo (pictured below) was designed as a one color image so it could be easily stamped to various materials, and be cost efficient to print.


As part of the development of the identity, we had some fun stamping with various vegetables one might throw into a stock pot The resulting potato and radish stamps made it into the "O" letters of the logo.



The farm is just getting going and is part of a program where they receive support from the East Multnomah Soil Water Conservation District's (EMSWCD). I've already enjoyed some of the delicious fruits of Stock Pot's labors, and am excited to see the farm "grow"!