The Dead Authors Podcast Illustration

I'm a huge fan of the comedian Paul F. Tompkins (PFT) and his hilarious modern radio program, The Dead Authors Podcast. The show features H.G. Wells (played by PFT) interviewing formerly alive authors through the power of time travel and his time machine.

Ever since I've subscribed to the podcast, I've thought that the visuals could use an update fitting of "The" creator of the Science Fiction genre, and something that would make the late Jules Verne jealous. So I decided to create an illustrative tribute.

The Dead Authors Podcast Illustration by Ryan Brown

The idea was to combine PFT and H.G. Well's likeness with a "Borg-esque" treatment of floating watch gears expanding across the space-time continuum. The colors, type, and texture were inspired by Science Fiction covers of the '50s and '60s, and by PFT's marvelous fashion sense.  

I'm really looking forward to seeing the live taping of The Dead Authors Podcast this week at Sketchfest in San Francisco!