Engage ads for the Bear Deluxe magazine


Develop a print and web campaign to engage readers with the magazine's core values and inspire them to support the organization and experience their environments in new ways.


I worked to develop a series of print and web ads and a fundraising campaign, developing both headline and visuals. 

The place-based art and culture magazine is known for being a little offbeat—featuring independent art that that ranges from whimsical to provocative. I tried to keep that flavor by collaborating with a range of artists, bringing in their work as the main elements in the ads. Each image had the subject in the environment experiencing their world in a way intended to pique curiosity in the viewer, almost like performance art.

I used bold color and hard shapes as a nod to the modern gallery, giving the ads a cohesive and current feel.

Photo by The Weird Girls Project


A full-color poster was mailed to potential big donors as a special gift and preliminary "thank you" for donating during a tough financial year for supporters.

Photo by Wendy Given



The campaign gave us a face to help raise funds and recruit interesting art and design in 2009-2010. During this time, the Bear Deluxe released three issues including a special Creative Nonfiction and Contemporary Art issues funded by the Regional Arts and Culture Council (RACC), the Kinsman Foundation, and the Oregon Arts Commission.

Photo by Wil Stuckey.