Gastromerica food issue for the Bear Deluxe magazine


Design a cover and art direct magazine for food-related issue titled "Gastromerica." 


Stories in the issue focused on different food themes such as GMO farming, food insecurity, biodynamic farming, and the American diet. I wanted to create a cover based on the industrialization of food production, turning the body itself into a machine of consumption and production. Since the issue was focused on many different kinds of processes of food production it made sense to show a process as the cover.


Lots of tiny, illustrative details were loose hidden references to content in the issue, like the blue GMO corn growing in the belly of the machine.


The opening spread for the food-issue section used a combination of food-delivery and factory imagery overlaid with subway maps and American diet stats to give a sense of process and place.


Overprints created additional colors. 


I used a similar line work and style for a story on GMO farming and the effects it has on organic dairy farmers.



The issue has been one of our most popular, resulting in a 13% increase in advertisers following the issue (and more local food and beer advertisers).

The food issues have also been adopted for use in curriculum by several college programs, and the Bear Deluxe team was invited to mentor students in PNCA's MFA in Collaborative Design program to launch a magazine around social change following the publication of this issue.