Impact Poster and identity for Ecova impact team


Develop materials for company-wide initiative aimed at getting employees to volunteer in their communities and be more sustainable and environmentally conscious in their daily lives.

One of the big deliverables was a poster that would go up in all 19 offices across the country encouraging the 1,200+ employees to use their company-sponsored volunteer day.


The poster was meant to be a stunner that would get people thinking about personal impact. We started with statistics for our audience, who is rooted in science and research—"8 hours x 1,200 employees = more than 1 year of giving back." The visual of time and the world we live in was meant to imply that each person's time can make a world of difference.

Inspiration for the posters came from classic National Park posters featuring now-iconic illustrations of the different parks or natural monuments. We wanted the posters and the impact to feel larger-than-life so they could inspire in the same way as the National Park posters. 



The posters were screen printed with added textures built into the design, to be sure the personal, tactile qualities shine through the science and statistics. 



The head of the project team has has often referenced this poster in asking for work that will connect with and inspire more of the general population across the company to improve morale. More posters are on the way.