Life on Mars (Hill) layout and art for Bitch magazine


Design layout and art for an article about a rapidly growing new denomination of Christian church where tattooed, beer-drinking, indie-music-listening pastors are really making the church popular and relatable, and yet there are seemingly very traditional male and female roles ingrained. The challenge was to show elements of what the religious movement was about while showcasing the separate roles men and women have within the church and the debate over whether those roles promote gender inequality. 


I wanted to emphasize grittiness, so used spray paint and stencils to give it a raw, graffiti-art feel.  I used Christian symbols and imagery to help illustrate the debate, including an illustration of what a modern-day hipster Jesus might look.

Bitch prints in just two color, so I used the black and violet colors to highlight the two genders as well as the two sides of the debate.




The article was chosen to be one of the online features for the issue on the Bitch Media website.