Sellwood furniture identity and marketing materials


The small Portland-based furniture store had been bought by a longtime store manager when the former owner retired, and was in need of a brand overhaul to stay up-to-date and competitive with other modern and contemporary furniture stores. The challenge was to appeal to a younger customer base that would be interested in modern-looking furniture  that was also sourced locally and could be had at a good value, without losing loyal customers.


Using a modern slab serif typeface, bright colors, wood textures, and hard edges, my partner and I created an identity that would appeal to a younger demographic without feeling too stuffy or unapproachable.

Sellwood furniture's previous tagline was long and convoluted, so we updated it to speak more simply and sound like the easy and approachable staff of the store.


Because the store has a small space, they do a lot of custom orders in store, and the drawings are the start of a fun and clean system for orders that the owner could maintain himself.


Known in the neighborhood as "the big red building," a fresh coat of paint in a modern raspberry and brown color palette freshened but didn't obliterate the identity. New signage was designed to modernize the old building in a mix of recycled wood and metal that fits in with other newer, affordable furniture stores. 


Elwood the owl was introduced into the identity to give it a playful feel while nodding to the Portlandy-ness of the store.


The small, family-owned store has weathered the recession and we've just been hired for a web redesign.